About the journal

Karstenia is an international research journal with an emphasis to boreal and arctic-alpine mycology. It publishes papers reporting original research on all aspects of the fungi (including lichens), especially on systematics and ecology. Papers also appropriate for the journal are review articles, book reviews and invited papers.

Publication is open to all persons. Papers are accepted in English. All articles are peer-reviewed by specialists prior to acceptance. Each volume of Karstenia consists of two issues which appear in June and December. Occasionally supplements will be published.

Karstenia is dedicated to P. A. Karsten (1834–1917) and published by the Finnish Mycological Society.

Introducing the new Editor-in-Chief of Karstenia

The Finnish Mycological Society is excited to welcome Dr. Riikka Linnakoski as the new Editor-in-Chief of Karstenia!

Dr. Linnakoski has received her M.Sc. in Biology and Ph.D. in Forest Sciences, both from the University of Eastern Finland (UEF). For the past 13 years, she has also been a part of the team of mycologists in FABI, University of Pretoria in South Africa, one of the world’s leading universities in the field of Mycology. She is currently working as a research scientist and project leader at the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).

“I am truly honored to have been appointed as the new Editor-in-Chief of Karstenia. Fungi are fascinating organisms and play a major role in our lives – and yet so little is known about them. Research in the fields of systematics and ecology is crucial also for any fungal-based innovations and applications. Karstenia has an important role providing a venue for publishing research on all aspects of the fungi. The scope will remain the same, but the journal will be updated with refreshed look; changes will be introduced in the next issue”, Linnakoski says.

Photo: Erkki Oksanen/Luke


Petter Adolf Karsten