The Boletes in Finland 1. Genus Boletus

Authors: Kallio, Paavo & Heikkilä, Heli
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 18 (1978), Issue 1, pages 1-19.
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Abstract:  The Finnish taxa of the genus Boletus are presented. Boletus impolitus Fr. is recorded for the first time from Finland as are also B. edulis Bull. ex Fr. ssp. edulis f. arcticus Vassilk., f. aurantioruber (Dick & Snell) Vassilk. and f. citrinus (Pelt.) Vassilk. The problem of the delimitation of B. spadiceus (Fr.) Quél. and B. lanatus Rostk. is discussed.
The Finnish distributions are given for all the taxa, mostly on the basis of herbarium material. The only species found throughout the country are B. edulis, B. piperatus and B. subtomentosus; most of them are quite southern in their distribution, many occurring only in the oak zone. Their ecology is discussed.