The myxomycetes of boreal woodlands in Russian northern Karelia : a preliminary report

Authors: Schnittler, Martin & Novozhilov, Yuri
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 36 (1996), Issue 1, pages 19-40.
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Key words: fungi, myxomycetes, North Karelia, species diversity

Abstract:  Data on species composition and ecology of myxomycetes are presented for an island of the Keret Archipelago (66°16’N, 34°40’E) in the White Sea (Karelia, Russia). The area, which lies in the middle boreal zone, contains all major vegetation types of Northern Karelia and was used as a model system for studying the myxomycetes of boreal woodlands. Ninety-two species of m xomycetes of 32 genera were regi stered with certainty, 12 of these new for Russia. Four species (Arcyria magna, Lamproderma gulielmae, Perichaena minor and Stemonitis nigrescens) are recorded for the first time for Fennoscandia. Microhabitat preferences and abundance estimations are presented for all species. The influence of microhabitat availability and microclimatic conditions on distribution are discussed. This study reports comparable data for myxomycete diversity in the Russian part of Fennoscandia. The mean species per genus ratio of 2.88 indicates a high taxonomic diversity of myxomycetes on the island. Comparisons with other wellstudied areas show highest coefficients of community with the boreal parts of Finland (0.62) and Sweden (0.55).