A revision of the Helvella acetabulum group (Pezizales) in Fennoscandia

Authors: Harmaja, Harri
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 17 (1977), Issue 1, pages 45-58.
Doi: https://doi.org/10.29203/ka.1977.124
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Abstract:  What has been regarded as Helvella acetabulum (St-Am.) Quél. in Fennoscandia is shown to be a diverse assemblage of species. This is due partly to a collective species concept, partly to true misidentifications. Two new species are described: Helvella arctoalpina Harmaja and H. dryadophila Harmaja. The diagnostic characters, phenology and distribution of H. acetabulum s.str. and the two new species are presented; the concept of the first taxon is restricted to a large, rather pale, early southern species, while the other two are small, dark, late arctic-alpine species. Differences in anatomy, including some ‘new’ features, were observed between the species, and the usefulness of such characters at specific level in the genus Helvella St-Am. is emphasized.
Four quantitative cllaracters of H. acetabulum, H. arctoalpina and H. dryadophila were analysed statistically. The material for H. dryadophila was insufficient for comparison, but highly to fairly significant differences could be shown between the two other species.
H. pocillum Harmaja, described earlier, is reported as new to Norway, this being the second known collection of the species. H. palustris Peck, which does not belong to the acetabulum group, is a valid species occurring in northern Finland and new to this country.