Additions to the Swedish myxomycete biota

Authors: Eliasson, Uno H. & Gilert, Elisabeth
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 47 (2007), Issue 2, pages 29-36.
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Key words: Swedish myxomycetes, Swedish Taxonomy Iniative, Myxomycete distribution, Arcyria, Echinostelium bisporum, Echinostelium lunatum, Paradiacheopsis longipes

Abstract: The current inventory of myxomycetes within the frames of the Swedish Taxonomy Initiative project continues to yield records of species not previously known to Sweden. A selection of twenty species here formally reported for the first time gives a total of 210 species so far known from Sweden. Among notable records are Echinostelium bisporum and E. lunatum, the two smallest species of myxomycetes known, fruitbodies of the first species rarely exceeding 25 um in height. Both species are impossible to detect using standard methods for myxomycetes and are probably far more common than the few widely scattered records in the world so far would suggest. Paradiacheopsis longipes is reported for the third time, previously known only from the Netherlands and China. Additional records are awaiting publication, but the delimitation and circumscription of several taxa require further study. Continued field-work supplemented with so-called moist chamber cultures will further increase the number of species known to occur in Sweden. Distribution patterns of myxomycetes are discussed briefly.