Alciphila vulgaris, a new genus and species of Deuteromycetes

Authors: Harmaja, Harri
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 42 (2002), Issue 2, pages 33-38.
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Key words: ammonia fungi, Byssonectria, conidia, elk urine, Finland, Hyphomycetes, metapopulation, Peziza, Pezizales, Pseudombrophila

Abstract: The new form genus Alciphila Harmaja (Hyphomycetes) is described. It is characterized by (i) a superficial mycelium composed of voluminous hyaline hyphae, (ii) conidium development terminally in unspecialized hyphal ends, and (iii) large elongated brown aleurioconidia which possess a thick, complex wall with longitudinal ridges and a hyaline perisporium. The type and only species of the new genus is Alciphila vulgaris Harmaja, which is described as a new species at the same time. Judged from qualitative studies in the field and the herbarium, A. vulgaris occurs in a special ecological niche: on forest litter and mosses which have been impregnated by the urine of European elk (Alces alces L. ), accompanied by some species of the Pezizales (Ascomycetes). The species is reported from several localities in Finland and one in Norway. The interesting ecological niche concerned, a spot which has received elk urine, is discussed briefly.