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Suomen suursienten nimet – Common names of Finnish macromycetes

Authors: Ulvinen, Tauno & Kotiranta, Heikki & Härkönen, Marja
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 29 (1989), Issue 29 (suppl.), pages 1-110.
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Abstract:  While the Latin nomenclature is strictly regulated by code, the common names of fungi are in most countries the subject of great confusion and disagreement. As early as 1949, the Finnish Mycological Society established a committee for Finnish names of fungi. Its task was to standardize local common names and to establish new names for species which were often seen, e.g. in displays of mushrooms, but which did not yet have a common name. Since then, the committee has regularly been called upon to provide new names, for instance when these are needed for books on Finnish mushrooms. The composition of the committee has changed over, but it has mostly comprised five members, involved both in fungal research and mushroom advising. Recently, the committee compiled a list of all the well-known macromycetes found in Finland, creating Finnish names for those which lacked them. Poorly known species and the microfungi have been excluded. The list contains some non-native species as well, e.g. some cultivated fungi. The committee has also revised earlier names, giving them shorter, more logical, and grammatically correct forms. In this work, the committee was able to consult the Finnish Language Division of the Finnish Research Centre for Domestic Languages.
The purpose of this list is to help all those who wish to know the proper Finnish equivalent of a scientific fungus name, or to choose the valid name among several Finnish alternatives. There are three alphabetical lists. The first is arranged according to the scientific generic names, the second is an index to the scientific specific epithets and the third list is an index to the common names. Rejected Finnish names used in the literature since 1947 are included as synonyms. Swedish equivalents used as the standard names in Sweden are also mentioned.
The register of Finnish names of fungi is kept in the Botanical Museum, University of Helsinki (H).