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Russula graminea, a new green species from Fennoscandia

Authors: Vauras, Jukka & Ruotsalainen, Juhani & Liimatainen, Kare
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 52 (2012), Issue 2, pages 51-57.
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Key words: Russulales, Picea abies, Russula graminea, Fennoscandia, taxonomy

Abstract: Russula graminea, a new species occurring with Picea abies, is described and illustrated. It is known from Finland, Sweden and Norway, from southern to northern boreal zone. This rare species is distinct by the following characters: fruit bodies fairly large and robust, pileus markedly olive-green, often with yellow spots, lamellae pale yellow, mild to acrid when young, later mild, stipe white, and spores in mass ochre (IIIa-IVa).

The secrets of Cryptomyces maximus (Rhytismataceae). Ecology and distribution in the Nordic countries (Norden), and a morphological and ontogenetic update

Authors: Granmo, Alfred & Rämä, Teppo & Mathiassen, Geir
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 52 (2012), Issue 2, pages 59-72.
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Key words: Cryptomyces maximus, distribution, ecology, morphology, Nordic countries, Norden, ontogeny, Rhytismataceae

Abstract: The anatomy and ontogeny of the rare Cryptomyces maximus have previously been insufficiently known and poorly communicated. It is here described and illustrated in detail based on recently collected material from Norway in different states of development. The parasitism and its role as a pathogen is treated and discussed, as well as its common types of habitat based on our observations in North Norway. Its distribution in Norden is mapped. Finds of this colourful and large ascomycete in this area are curiously few and occasional, and many of those date a century or so back in time. The species also appears to be rare on a global scale. We think the reason for the scattered records both in time and space has been lack of knowledge of its ecology and how it appears in nature.

Nomenclatural corrections in calicioid fungi

Authors: Tuovila, Hanna & Rikkinen, Jouko & Huhtinen, Seppo
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 52 (2012), Issue 2, pages 73-74.
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Key words: Mycocaliciales, Chaenothecopsis, Brucea, Bruceomyces

Abstract: The nomenclature and typification of some calicioid fungi in genera Chaenothecopsis and Brucea are corrected. Chaenothecopsis oregana is reinstated with a new lectotype (holotype lost), while C. zebrina is reduced to its synonymy. Brucea is a later homonym and is therefore replaced by the new generic name Bruceomyces. A new combination B. castoris is introduced.