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Report of 27 lichenicolous fungi species and three genera new to Finland

Authors: Puolasmaa,Arto & Kuusisto, Inka
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 61 (2023), Issue 2, pages 9–19.
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Key words: lichenicolous fungi, new records, herbarium specimens

Abstract: We studied systematically herbaria lichen specimens collected from Finland and from former Finnish parts of Russia to detect lichenicolous fungi. In total, 3355 lichen specimens were found with lichenicolous fungi from 160 taxa. We report here 27 species and three genera that are new to Finland. Three of these, Cercidospora epithamnolia, Cyclothyrium sp. and Roselliniella stereocaulorum, are reported as also new to Scandinavia. Three taxa are reported from a new host.

Myxomycetes in the Antarctic: A review

Authors: Velloso, Jorge Renato Pinheiro & Heberle, Marines de Avila & Costa, Alice Lemos & Lopes, Cassiane Furlan & da Silva, Fernando Augusto Bertazzo & Putzke, Jair & Cavalcanti, Laise de Holanda
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 61 (2023), Issue 2, pages 1–9.
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Key words: Amoebozoa, muscicolous, myxogastria, slime molds, South Pole

Abstract: This work summarize the results of Myxomycetes collections carried out by European and South American researchers on Antarctic ice free areas during the last fifty years. An annotated list and an identification key for the nine species with confirmed occurrence on the continent are presented.