Collections of Hygrocybe subsect. Squamulosae from N. Finland, N. Norway, Arctic Canada and Arctic Russia (Polar Urals)

Authors: Borgen, Torbjørn & Ohenoja, Esteri
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 53 (2013), Issue 1-2, pages 9-28.
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Key words: Hygrocybe, Basidiomycetes, taxonomy, Arctic, montane, arctic-alpine mycology

Abstract: About 80 collections of Hygrocybe, subsect. Squamulosae, collected in the Arctic and montane areas in N. Europe, Canada and Siberia were studied macro- and microscopically, based on personal collections and herbarium material. Seven species are recognized, viz. Hygrocybe miniata, H. rubrolamellata, H. calciphila, H. turunda, H. cantharellus, H. biminiata, H. substrangulata s.l., incl. H. substrangulata forma and H. substrangulata var. rhodophylla. Hygrocybe rubrolamellata is new to Europe, and Hygrocybe substrangulata var. rhodophylla is new to N. Europe. The taxonomic features of H. substrangulata s.l., H. substrangulata var. rhodophylla and H. biminiata are discussed.