Contents of nutrients and dietary fibre in wild and cultivated mushrooms

Authors: Kreula, Matti & Saarivirta, Maija & Karanko, Sirkka-Liisa
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 18 (1978), Issue 18 (suppl.), pages 44-47.
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Abstract:  The basic composition and the contents of amino acids and fatty acids and eight minerals of 13 wild and 2 cultivated mushrooms and the content of dietary fiber were estimated. On a dry matter basis, the protein content of the mushrooms studied (total N x 6 . 25) was 12% – 35 %, the Lipid content 1.2% – 8.9 %, and the ash content 6 % – 13 %. The total essential amino acid content (excluding Try) was 2.6 % – 8.2 % of the dry matter.
The fatty acid composition of mushrooms resembled the general composition of vegetable fats, the major components being oleic acid and linoleic acid.
The mineral composition was complex; It seems that mushrooms are good sources of Cu and f61rly good sources of Zn as compared with other foodstuffs, provided that the avallabilty of those minerals is normal.
The mean content of dietary fIbre In mushrooms was 29 % (13-39 %) , which is much higher than the crude fibre content usually given in food composition tables. Mushrooms seem to be a fairly good source of diatery fibre.