Contributions to the knowledge of aphyllophoroid and heterobasidioid funga (Basidiomycota) in Finland

Authors: Kunttu, Panu & Helo, Teppo & Kulju, Matti & Julkunen, Jari & Kotiranta, Heikki
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 58 (2020), Issue 1, pages 118-143.
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Key words: Aphyllophorales, biogeography, corticioids, polypores, wood-associated fungi

Abstact: We contribute to the knowledge on the occurrences and distributions of both aphyllophoroid and heterobasidioid fungi in Finland. We present four species new to Finland, i.e. Helicogloea sebacea, Phanerochaete cremeo-ochracea, Steccherinum cremeoalbum, and Uncobasidium luteolum, as well as 46 new records (locations) of 34 rare or rarely collected species. Additionally, we report on 40 species considered new to a certain subzone of the boreal forest vegetation zone in Finland. These records contain notes on their substrata, and the ecology and distribution of nationally new species are briefly discussed.