Dentipellis fragilis and Steccherinum oreophilum: Finnish records of hydnaceous fungi

Authors: Niemelä, Tuomo & Saarenoksa, Reima
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 25 (1985), Issue 2, pages 70-74.
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Abstract:  Dentipellis fragilis (Pers.: Fr.) Dank is reported from four localities in southern Finland. Two earlier Finnish records also exist and a record from the adjacent U.S.S.R. The species is briefly described, and its ecology and general distribution are reviewed. Steccherinum oreophilum Linds. & Gilb. is reported as new to Finland, and its known occurrence in Europe and North America is summarized. Distribution maps are presented and both species are illustrated. The delimitation of the genera lrpex, Steccherinum, Schizopora and Junghuhnia is considered to deserve a thorough revision.