Finnish records of discomycetes: Cudoniella viridula and new species of Orbiliaster

Authors: Huhtinen, Seppo
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 32 (1992), Issue 2, pages 61-64.
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Key words: Ascomycetes, Cudoniella viridula, Finland, Orbiliaster, taxonomy

Abstract:  Cudoniella viridula Grelet, formerly known only from the type collection from France, has been re-collected and an emended description is given. Study of the holotype showed that the type contains no mature apothecia. A potential earlier name, Helotium proximellum P. Karst. is best treated as a nomen dubium. A new species, Orbiliaster paradoxa, is described. The type of the genus Orbiliaster Dennis, O. pilosa, is re-examined and the description emended.