Finnish records of discomycetes: Unguicularia equiseti sp. nov. and Albotricha laetior

Authors: Huhtinen, Seppo
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 25 (1985), Issue 1, pages 17-20.
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Abstract:  A new species, Unguicularia equiseti Huhtinen, characterized by its branched hairs, is described from SW Finland. T he species grov.s on blackened stems of Equisetum sylvaticum L. A new collection of a rare discomycete, Albotricha laetior (Karst.) Raitv., is described and discussed, and the species is considered lignicolous. A warning is given that certain mountants currently in common use frequently have a shrinkmg effect. In many cases sections revived in these mountants fall to regain their natural dimensions. The taxonomic importance of this phenomenon is briefly discussed.