Finnish records on the genus Inocybe. The new species Inocybe saliceticola.

Authors: Vauras, Jukka & Kokkonen, Katri
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 48 (2009), Issue 2, pages 57-67.
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Key words: Agaricales, Basidiomycetes, Finland, Inocybe, Salix, taxonomy

Abstract: Inocybe saliceticola, a new species of section Marginatae, is described from Finland. It is characterized by ochraceous pileus, bulbous stipe base and weakly nodulose spores. It grows with Salix in moist habitats. The holotypes of I. alnea, I. dunensis, I. obtusiuscula, I. ochracea and I. straminipes are treated. I. straminipes is reduced to a synonym of I. salicis. The synonymy of I. ochracea with I. alnea is supported by DNA analysis. The microscopical drawings of the type of I. obtusiuscula are given for the first time.