Five glassy-haired Hyaloscyphaceae

Authors: Huhtinen, Seppo
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 27 (1987), Issue 1, pages 8-14.
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Abstract:  Five rare species of glassy-haired Hyaloscyphaceae are treated and illustrated, three of them from their type specimens. Unguiculella xylemicola Bøhler is shown to be a synonym of Hyalopeziza pani (Vel.) L. Holm & K. Holm and this species is transferred to the genus Urceolella Boud. on the basis of the chemical characters of the hairs. The type of Urceolella curvipila (Karst.) Raschle is shown to have multiseptate hairs. This feature is coupled with KOH-instability of the solidifying substance. A parallel case is seen in the type of U. appressipila Graddon and it is suggested that hair septation should be accepted in Urceolella. A recent collection of Unguicularia raripila Höhnel, which was formerly known only from the type collection, is treated and a new combination is proposed, Hyalopeziza raripila (Höhnel) Huhtinen, n. comb. The material studied offers further proof that solid vs. luminal hairs is not a valid generic character in the glassy-haired Hyaloscyphaceae.