Gambian Myxomycetes developed in moist chamber cultures

Authors: Härkönen, Marja
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 21 (1981), Issue 1, pages 21-25.
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Abstract:  Plant material was collected from three localities in Gambia, West Africa. In moist chambers 22 species of Myxomycetes emerged. Five seem to be new to Africa: Cribraria minutissima Schw., Echinostelium minutum deBary, Macbrideola martinii (Alexop. & Bekene) Alexop., Perichaena minor (G. Lister) Hagelst. and Slemonilopsis hyperopia (Meylan) Nann.-Brem. Both the number and diversity of the Myxomycetes that emerged are higher than in moist chambers prepared with Finnish material.