Geastrum rufescens in the Åland Islands, SW Finland

Authors: Carlsson, Ralf & Hæggström, Carl-Adam
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 45 (2005), Issue 1, pages 63-68.
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Key words: Åland Islands, calcium, SEM, soil, spores, vascular plant flora

Abstract: Geastrum rufescens was found in four localities on the Åland Islands in 2002 and 2004. The species has not been recorded earlier on Åland, although numerous finds are known from the adjacent parts of Sweden, e.g. Uppland and Gotland, and a few from mainland Finland. The distribution of G. rufescens in the Nordic countries is briefly outlined and its ecology is discussed. The four localities on Åland with the accompanying vascular plant flora and the soil properties are described. The properties which distinguish G. rufescens are discussed.