Hydnaceous fungi of the Hericiaceae, Auriscalpiaceae and Climacodontaceae in northwestern Europe

Authors: Koski-Kotiranta, Sari & Niemelä, Tuomo
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 27 (1987), Issue 2, pages 43-70.
Doi: https://doi.org/10.29203/ka.1987.253
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Abstract:  Seven species of the families Hericiaceae Donk, Auriscalpiaceae Maas Geest. and Climacodontaceae Jülich are briefly described, and their distributions in northwestern Europe (Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden) are mapped. Hericium erinaceus (Bull.) Pers. is found only in Denmark and southern Sweden. Hericium coralloides (Scop.: Fr) Pers. is rather uncommon in the four countries, but extends from the Temperate zone to the Northern Boreal coast of North Norway. It seems to be absent from the most humid western areas. Its main hosts are species of Betula (ca. 65%) and Populus (18%), preferably trees growing in virgin forests. Creolophus cirrhatus (Pers.: Fr.) Karst. is common in the Southern Boreal zone and farther south; scattered records exist from the Middle Boreal zone and a few from the Northern Boreal zone. No records were found from the highly oceanic western coast of Norway. By far the commonest host genus of C. cirrhatus is Betula (69.5%), followed by Populus (25%). Dentipellis fragilis (Pers.: Fr.) Donk is a rare, predominantly Temperate to Hemiboreal species, favouring Fagus sylvatica (50%) as its host. In Finland D. fragilis was found on Acer tataricum, Alnus sp., Prunus padus and Sorbus aucuparia; a new find is reported from the central part of the Middle Boreal zone, from Acer platanoides. Auriscalpium vulgare S.F. Gray has a relatively even distribution over the Temperate to Middle Boreal zones; only isolated records exist from the Northern Boreal zone. It is found equally frequently in the oceanic and continental parts of the area, growing on the cones of Pinus sylvestris (ca. 90%) and Picea abies (10%). Gloiodon strigosus (Swartz: Fr.) Karst. occurs sparsely throughout the Boreal zone, but is absent from the Temperate zone. It, too, is indifferent to the climatic oceanity, and it grows mainly on Populus tremula (ca. 46%) and Alnus (23%). Climacodon septentrionalis (Fr.) Karst. is a hemerophilous species, restricted to the Temperate and Southern Boreal zones. It is absent from oceanic western Norway and Denmark. Almost 20 hosts are listed, the commonest being Acer platanoides (ca. 49%). The vegetational zones in northwestern Europe are presented in a map which has been revised according to the most recent information, particularly as regards the Nerwegian coast.