Hygrophorus exiguus, a new species in subgenus Colorati section Olivageoumbrini, subsection Tephroleuci

Authors: Larsson, Ellen & Campo, Emanuele & Carbone, Matteo
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 54 (2014), Issue 2, pages 41-48.
Doi: https://doi.org/10.29203/ka.2014.462
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Key words: Agaricales, Hygrophoraceae, Hygrophorus exiguus, Tricholoma inamoenum, phylogenetic systematics, taxonomy, ITS

Hygrophorus exiguus, a new species, is described and illustrated. In Fennoscandia this species is associated with rather moist old growth mixed Picea abies forests of the Vaccinium myrtillus type. In Southern Europe it is associated with mixed P. abies and Abies alba forests on higher elevations. It seems to be growing solitarily deep in mosses, often among Tricholoma inamoenum. The species is likely to be rare but may be overlooked, has a broad distribution in Europe and is found in Finland, Sweden, Italy and France. It is closely related to H. agathosmus, H. hyacinthinus and H. odoratus, but can be segregated from these by its small fruiting bodies, with a cap diameter rarely exceeding 20–25 mm and the pinkish tint of the lamellae. Like H. agathosmus, it has the odour of marzipan or bitter almonds but less pronounced.