Inocybe baltica and I. suecica, two new smoothspored species from the Baltic Sea region

Authors: Vauras, Jukka & Larsson, Ellen
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 56 (2016), Issue 1-2, pages 13-26.
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Key words: Inocybe, Agaricales, taxonomy, molecular systematics, hemiboreal zone, Europe

Abstract: Two new species, with pruinose stipe and smooth spores, are described from Fennoscandia and Estonia. Inocybe baltica is a rather large species, associated with Pinus sylvestris on calcareous sandy soils, often occurring at seashores. I. suecica is a smaller species associated with deciduous trees on more rich and calcareous soils, often found in parks and cemeteries. Both species are so far known to occur only in the hemiboreal zone.