Isozyme analysis of LE(BIN) collection Flammulina strains

Authors: Alekhina, Irina & Psurtseva, Nadezhda & Yli-Mattila, Tapani
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 41 (2001), Issue 2, pages 55-63.
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Key words: Flammulina velutipes, Flammulina ononidis, Flammulina rossica, isozyne analysis

Abstract: Twenty-two dikaryotic Flammulina strains from different parts of Europe and the Far East were investigated using isozyme analysis. Clear isozyme polymorphism was detected in three enzymes, which differentiated the majority of Flammulinastrains from each other, except for two F. velutipes strains. In the NJ (Neighbor-Joining) analysis the Flammulina strains formed two main groups. Main group I included strains of F. velutipes while main group II included the strains of F. rossica/elastica along with F. ononidis and F. fennae. No clear correlation was found between the geographical origin and clustering of strains tested.