Lactarius hysginoides, a new boreal agaric

Authors: Korhonen, Mauri & Ulvinen, Tauno
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 25 (1985), Issue 2, pages 62-65.
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Abstract:  A new milk-cap species, Lactarius hysginoides M. Korhonen & Ulvinen, is described and illustrated. It resembles L. hysginus (Fr.: Fr.) Fr., L. vietus (Fr.: Fr.) Fr., and L. moseri Harmaja, but the taste is mild and the latex remains unchanged, not turning grey. There are also some microscopical differences. The new species IS reported from Finland and Sweden. It seems to be widespread in the northern and mtddle boreal forests, usually growing in mesotrophic, moist, paludified woodland. Probable mycorrhizal partners are Picea abies and Betula.