Lactarius vellereus and L. bertillonii in Fennoscandia and Denmark

Authors: Kytövuori, Ilkka & Korhonen, Mauri
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 30 (1990), Issue 2, pages 33-42.
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Key words: Distribution, Fennoscandia, Lactarius bertillonii, Lactarius vellereus, taxonomy

Abstract:  The taxonomic status of Lactarius vellereus (Fr.: Fr.) Fr. and L. bertillonii (Neuh. ex Z. Schaefer) M. Bon as separate species is substantiated, their distribution in Fennoscandia and Denmark is mapped, and their ecology and relationships are discussed. In the northem temperate zone, L. vellereus is fairly common in broad-leaved forests in Denmark, southernmost Sweden and westernmost Norway. In the hemiboreal zone, it is rarer and concentrated near the coast. L. bertillonii is restricted to broad-leaved or mixed forests in the hemiboreal zone and the southern part of the southern boreal zone. Agaricus vellereus Fr. is neotypified.