Lichnicolous macrofungi from Turkey and Iran

Authors: Niemelä, Tuomo & Uotila, Pertti
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 17 (1977), Issue 1, pages 33-39.
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Abstract:  Thirty-two species of Aphyllophorales, consisting of polypores, stereoid Corticiaceae and Schizophyllaceae, are reported from Turkey and Iran. The most notable finds are Stereum gausapatum (Fr.) Fr., S. insignitum Quél., Coltricia spathulata (Hook.) Murr., Phellinus tremulae (Bond.) Bond. & Borisov, Fistulina hepatica Fr., Daedaleopsis confragosa (Fr.) J. Schroet. s. lat., Lenzites warnieri Dur. & Mont., Podofomes trogii (Fr.) Pouzar, Buglossoporus pulvinus (Pers.) Donk and Incrustoporia nivea (Jungh.) Ryv. The list contains several species evidently recorded for the first time from Turkey or Iran.