Myxomycetes of Coron Island and additions to the Myxomycetes of Palawan group of islands in the Philippines

Authors: Macabago, Sittie Aisha B. & dela Cruz, Thomas Edison E. & Stephenson, Steven L.
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 58 (2020), Issue 2, pages 157–167.
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Key words: karst forest, slime molds, Huxley’s line, biodiversity, insular, limestone forest

Abstract: The main objective of the research reported herein is to present an annotated checklist generated from the first survey of myxomycetes in the limestone forests of Coron Island in the province of Palawan, Philippines. A total of 25 morphotaxa were identified from specimens isolated in the laboratory from samples of ground leaf litter, twigs, and vines (lianas) collected from five sites along the coasts and inland forests of Coron Island. Among the identified taxa one (Badhamia macrocarpa) was a new record for the country, while another was temporarily assigned to the genus Perichaena (Trichiida: Trichiidae) until the proper classification of the specimen could be determined. In addition, the present study brings the updated total number of records of myxomycetes for the Palawan group of islands to 56 morphospecies.