New boletoid fungi in the genus Leccinum from Fennoscandia

Authors: Korhonen, Mauri
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 35 (1995), Issue 2, pages 53-66.
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Key words: Boletes, Fennoscandia, Leccinum, taxonomy

Abstract:  Three new species in the genus Leccinum are described, viz. L. populinum M. Korhonen, L. cerinum M. Korhonen and L. palustre M. Korhonen. Their morphological characters, ecology and distribution in Fennoscandia are discussed. In addition, L. quercinum (Pilát) E.E.Green & Watl., L. aurantiacum (Bull.) Gay, L. versipelle (Fr.) Snell, and L. holopus (Rostk.) Watl. are redescribed with more exact characters, to facilitate comparison with the new species.