New northern records of Entoloma with three new species of subgenus Rhodopolia and typification of E. nidorosum

Authors: Kokkonen, Katri
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 59 (2021), Issue 1-2, pages 55-69.
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Key words: Taxonomy, Molecular systematics, Ecology, Agaricales, Cryptic species, Fennoscandia

Abstract: Three hemiboreal or boreal species of Entoloma subg. Rhodopolia, E. fluviale, E. quercetorum and E. uvidicola, are described as new based on molecular and morphological data. Entoloma nidorosum is neotypified. New records of E. boreale, E. caeruleopolitum, E. holmvassdalenense, E. lupinum, E. paragaudatum, E. pseudoconferendum, E. radicipes, E. rhodopolium and E. sphagneti are presented from Finland and Sweden with ecological and morphological notices.