New records of rare and threatened polypores in Finland

Authors: Niemelä, Tuomo & Kotiranta, Heikki & Penttilä, Reijo
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 32 (1992), Issue 2, pages 81-94.
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Key words: Antrodiella sitchensis, Antrodiella parasitica, Ceriporiopsis balanae, Finland, Funalia trogii, polypores, taxonomy, threatened fungi, virgin forest

Abstract:  The polypores (Basidiomycetes) Antrodia sitchensis (Baxter) Gil b. & Ryv., Ceriporiopsis balaenae Niemelä and Funalia trogii (Berk.) Bond. & Singer are reported as new to Finland. Antrodiella parasitica Vampola is tentatively reported from Finland, but its taxonomy has not been sufficiently worked out. The macroscopic and microscopic characters of A. sitchensis are described and we propose that the species might fmd a natural placement in Fomitopsis or Amyloporia, rather than in Antrodia. The generic demarcation between Trametes, Funalia and Coriolopsis is discussed, and the critical difference is reported to lie in the reaction of the skeletal hyphae to Cotton Blue: Trametes is acyanophilous, Funalia and Coriolopsis cyanophilous. As a gradual transition exists between the characters of Funalia and Coriolopsis, we prefer to join these taxa in a single genus, Funalia. On this basis we accept the species currently known as Trametes trogii Berk. in Funalia. Perenniporia tenuis (Schw.) Ryv. var. pulchella (Schw.) Lowe was considered to be extinct in Finland, but has now been rediscovered. We compare it with Perenniporia tenuis var. tenuis, P. medulla-panis (Jacq.: Fr.) Donk, P. subacida (Peck) Donk, and P. fulviseda (Bres.) Dhanda. New Finnish records of the following rare species are listed: Antrodiella citrinella Niemelä & Ryv., Pilaporia sajanensis (Parm.) Niemelä, Polyporus pseudobetulinus (Pilát) Thorn et al., Skeletocutis lilacina David & Keller, and Tyromyces canadensis Overh. ex Lowe. The ecology and distribution of most of the species are discussed.