North European species of Ceriporiopsis (Basidiomycota) and their Asian relatives

Authors: Kinnunen, Juha & Niemelä, Tuomo
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 45 (2005), Issue 2, pages 81-90.
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Key words: Basidiomycota, Ceriporiopsis albonigrescens, Ceriporiopsis aneirina, Ceriporiopsis balaenae, Ceriporiopsis cremea, Ceriporiopsis pseudogilvescens, Ceriporiopsis resinascens, polypore, taxonomy

Abstract: The polypore genus Ceriporiopsis is revised, and a new combination is proposed:Ceriporiopsis pseudogilvescens (Pilát) Niemelä & Kinnunen. It is the correct name for the species commonly known as C. resinascens (Romell) Doma?ski; the latter is a northerly taxon with narrower spores and less resinous basidiocarp. Also the related C. aneirina (Sommerf.) Doma?ski, C. balaenae Niemelä, C. gilvescens (Bres.) Doma?ski, C. albonigrescens Núñez, Parmasto & Ryvarden and C. cremea (Parmasto) Ryvarden are discussed and compared. The results are supplemented with an extensive list of spore size measurements and by a key to the species.