Notes on the genus Helvella, including the merging of the genus Wynella

Authors: Harmaja, Harri
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 14 (1974), pages 102-104.
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Abstract:  It is concluded that the few macroscopic features which alone separate or are commonly claimed to separate the genus Wynnella Boud. from Helvella Fr., are not valid at generic level, especially as all the microscopic characters, the anatomy of the excipulum and the spores, are commonly known to be exactly alike in ·these two genera. Wynnella is consequently merged with the older genus Helvella. For similar reasons the genus Underwoodia Peck is also considered congeneric with Helvella, which accords with the opinion of EcKBLAD (1968). The differences between the variety Helvella macropus (Fr.) Karst. v. brevis Peck and the typical H. macropus are considered to warrant the recognition of the variety at specific level. Three new combinations are made: Helvella silvicola (Beck in Sacc.) Harmaja, Helvella beatonii (Rifai) Harmaja, and Helvella brevis (Peck) Harmaja.