Notes on the taxonomy and occurrence of some species of Gyromitra in Finland

Authors: Huhtinen, Seppo & Ruotsalainen, Juhani
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 44 (2004), Issue 1-2, pages 25-34.
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Key words: Gyromitra, taxonomy

Abstract: New finds of Gyromitra longipes Harmaja have revealed that this species is more variable than earlier realized. The material previously reported as Gyromitra splendidRaitv. from Finland is shown to be conspecific with G. longipes. Based on a study of a topotype from Estonia, G. splendida is shown to differ from Finnish material mainly by its clearly larger spores. The variability in the macromorphology of G. longipes is treated and illustrated. Both taxa are characterized by broadly folded pilei and subfusiform spores with prominent perisporium. The type of G. bubaciiVelen. was studied and the taxon is recognized at the specific level. It is macroscopically close to typical G. esculenta (Pers. : Fr.) Fr. with clearly gyrose pilei. The variability of G. esculenta in its spore characteristics is also treated. Colour photographs of G. longipes and G. splendida are provided.