On Fennoscandian polypores 6. Antrodia plicata n. sp.

Authors: Niemelä, Tuomo
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 18 (1978), Issue 2, pages 43-48.
Doi: https://doi.org/10.29203/ka.1978.136
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Abstract:  Antrodia plicata Niemelä n. sp. differs from the other species of Antrodia s. str. mainly in having larger and thicker, perennial fruit bodies, smaller pores, shorter spores, and pendent false pilei when old. In Fennoscandia, it has been found on Populus tremula in one Swedish and two Finnish localities; collected also from Poland on P. tremula. Material from Salix has been studied from Czechoslovakia and Spain. Cultural characters of A. plicata are described.
The identities of Trametes salicina Bresadola and T. salicina var. greschikii Bres. are discussed, and a new combination, Antrodia salicina (Bres.) Niemelä, is made. The delimitations and different interpretations of the genus Antrodia are reviewed. Preference is given to the strict generic concept comprising only the species causing brown rot, and excluding most of the completely resupinate taxa of the Poria group.