On Fennoscandian polypores 8. New genus Piloporia

Authors: Niemelä, Tuomo
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 22 (1982), Issue 1, pages 13-16.
Doi: https://doi.org/10.29203/ka.1982.209
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Abstract:  The species of the newly described monotypic polypore genus Piloporia Niemelä resembles those of the genus Datronia Donk in the brown hyphae and the distinctly duplex structure of the fruit body context, but differs in having allantoid sopres and encrusted hyphal tips in the pore mouths. The two last-mentioned characters show affinity to lncrustoporia Domanski, but the brown colouration and duplex context separate Piloporia from that genus.
The only species, P. sajanensis (Parm.) Niemelä n. comb. (Antrodia sajanensis Parmasto), is reported as new to Finland, having been collected on Pinus sylvestris. The macroscopical and microscopical features are described and illustrated, and the taxonomy discussed. The world distribution of the species is surveyed, the present locality being the sixth that is known. All the collections have been made in slightly to distinctly continental parts of the Northern boreal zone in Eurasia.