Once again on Discosphaerina

Authors: Holm, Lennart & Holm, Kerstin & Barr, Margarete E.
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 39 (1999), Issue 2, pages 59-63.
Doi: https://doi.org/10.29203/ka.1999.339
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Key words: Ascomycetes, Hyponectriaceae, Dothideaceae, taxonomy, morphology

Abstract:  Discosphaerina Hohn. is reinstated as a valid generic name, typified by D. discophora Hohn., for some small, amerosporous, unitunicate Ascomycetes that fit best within the family Hyponectriaceae. The new combinations D. niesslii (Kunze ex Rehm) L. Holm, K. Holm & M.E. Barr, and D. lonicerae (Dearn. & Barthol.) L. Holm, K. Holm & M.E. Barr are made, and the new species D. sorbi L. Holm, K. Holm & M.E. Barr is described. Guignardia Viala & Ravaz, nom. cons., is accepted for similar small, amerosporous but bitunicate Ascomycetes in the Dothideaceae.