Phlebia cremeoalutacea new to Finland and new records of rare corticioid fungi (Basidiomycota)

Authors: Kunttu, Panu & Kosonen, Timo & Kulju, Matti & Kotiranta, Heikki
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 49 (2009), Issue 2, pages 69-71.
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Key words: Archipelago Sea, Colacogloca peniophorae, corticioid fungi, Phlebia cremeoalutacea, Trechispora invisitata ssp. hauerslevi, Trechispora laevis

Abstract: Phlebia cremeoalutacea is reported as a corticioid fungus new to Finland. New records of Colacogloea peniophorae, Trechispora invisitata ssp. hauerslevi and Trechispora laevis are given. All these records were made in SW Finland, from the forested islands of the Archipelago Sea. Inventories were carried out between July and November 2008. As Phlebia cremeoalutacea is known to inhabit especially the hemiboreal zone and it has been found from all the other countries adjacent to Finland, its discovery can be considered as expected. The three other species are little collected, with less than five earlier records.