Phyllachora graminis, P. silvatica, Epichloe typhina and Acrospermum graminum on grasses in Finland

Authors: Koponen, Hilkka & Mäkelä, Kaiho
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 15 (1976), pages 46-55.
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Abstract:  Material of this study consists of c. 4650 grass samples gathered on leys, field borders, and forests throughout the country during 1966-1974. Collections of Department of Plant Pathology, and Botanical Museum, University of Helsinki, and Mr. Pentti Alanko’s herbarium were also examined.
Phyllachora graminis (Pers. ex Fries) Nke. was found on 26 samples of three grass species: Agropyron caninum (L.) PB., A. repens (L.) PB., and Pleum pratense L., being most common on A. caninum in South Finland.
P. silvatica Sacc. & Speg. was found on ten samples of Festuca ovina L., throughout the country.
Epichloë typhina (Pers.) Tul. was found on 96 samples of 15 grass species: Agrostis stolonifera L., A. tenuis Sibth., Anthoxanthum odoratum L., Avena pratensis L., Calamagrostis canescens (Web.) Roth, C. epigeios (L .) Roth, C. lapponica (Wg.) Hartm., C. neglecta (Ehrh.) G., M. & Sch., C. purpurea Trin., Dactylis glomerata L., Festuca rubra L., Phleum boehmeri Wib., P. pratense L., and Poa pratensis L., throughout the country, being most common on Dactylis glomerata and Phleum pratense in Ahvenanmaa and South Finland, besides on Calamagrostis species in North Finland.
Acrospermum graminum Lib. was found on 28 specimens of eight grass species: Agropyron repens, Calamagrostis epegeios, Dactylis glomerata, Deschampsia caespitosa (L .) PB., Festuca rubra, F. ovina, and Phleum pratense in southern Finland, being most common on A. repens.
All these fungi were found to be rare or accidental and infrequent, usually on wild grasses on field borders, and forests. All the fungi are of negligible importance.