Pseudoclitocybe atra (Vel.) n. comb.

Authors: Harmaja, Harri
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 14 (1974), pages 126-128.
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Abstract:  The new combination Pseudoclitocybe atra (Vel.) Harmaja (Agaricales) is made, and the species is described. The species is distinguished through the presence of distinct, fairly abundant dermatocystidia, very simple in structure, which are responsible for the characteristic satiny lusrte of the moist pileus surface, further through the pure dark brown colours (paler in the dried condition) of the fruit body without any greyish tint, the mat surface of the dried pileus, and the fairly long spores. Also, certain other though minor differences from the other species of uhe genus seem to exist. All the specimeliS were collected in human-influenced sites. in the litter of grasses mixed with mull. Apart from the dermatocystidia, several sporal and macrochemical characters are reported for the first time in the genus. The species is new for Finland and Western Germany.