Recent discoveries of corticolous Licea species from the British Isles with descriptions of two new species

Authors: Mitchell, David W. & McHugh, Roland
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 40 (2000), Issue 1-2, pages 103-109.
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Key words: Algae, corticolous, Licea microscopica, Licea operculata, Licea sambucina, Licea scintillans, Licea scyphoides, Myxomycetes, Sambucus nigra

Abstract:  The authors have each specialised in the moist-chamber culture of bark sampled from living trees and have recently initiated a special investigation of the bark of Sambucus nigra. The original description of Licea microscopica D.W. Mitch. is amended in the light of numerous recent collections and Licea sambucina D.W. Mitch. nov. spec. is described. Both taxa are abundant in many localities in S.E. England on alga-covered bark of Sambucus nigra L. Interesting collections of other spp. of Licea are reported, including L. scintillans McHugh & D.W. Mitch. nov. spec. which has previously been confused with L. iridis Ing & McHugh. Characters used to distinguish between aberrant forms of L. operculata (Wingate) G.W. Martin and L. scyphoides H.W. Keller & T.E. Brooks are outlined.