Records of rare aphyllophoroid fungi on Scots pine in northern Sweden

Authors: Josefsson, Torbjörn & Spirin, Wjacheslav A.
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 50 (2010), Issue 2, pages 45-52.
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Key words: Fennoscandia, fungi, coarce wood debris, red-listed species, Anomoporia, Antrodia, Gleophyllum, Phlebia, Postia

Abstract: Wood-inhabiting fungi on Pinus sylvestris were examined in three old-growth forests in northern Sweden. A total of 16 rare species of aphyllophoroid fungi are reported. Among the species discussed are Antrodiella pallasii and Skeletocutis kuehneri which are successors of Trichaptum species and previously known from only a few localities in Sweden, and Byssoporia terrestris and Hydnellum gracilipeswhich are mycorrhizal species with specific ecological preferences. Three corticioid species from genera Ceraceomyces and Sistotrema represent possible new taxa.