Reexamination of Odontia sacchari, O. saccharicola, and Corticium granulare

Authors: Nakasone, Karen K.
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 40 (2000), Issue 1-2, pages 111-116.
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Key words: Cuba, cultural description, Hawaii, Himantia stellifera, Hyphoderma setigerum, Puerto Rico, Resinicium, sugar cane

Abstract:  Type specimens of three corticioid taxa described by E.A. Burt are reexamined. In 1917, Burt described two new species of Odontia, O. sacchari and O. saccharicola, on sugar cane from Cuba and Puerto Rico. Odontia sacchari is similar to the ubiquitous Hyphoderma setigerum (Fr.) Donk except for basidia that are consistently two-sterigmate and basidiospores that are slightly larger. The new combination Hyphoderma saccharum (Burt) Nakasone is proposed. Odontia saccharicola is morphologically similar to Resinicium bicolor (Fr.) Parmasto but differs in lacking clamp connections and producing smaller basidiospores. The new combination Resinicium saccharicola (Burt) Nakasone is proposed. Corticium granulare Burt, on herbaceous stems from Hawaii, is conspecific with Odontia saccharicola. Descriptions and illustrations of the H. saccharum and R. saccharicola are provided. In addition, a cultural description of R. saccharicola is presented.