Rigidoporus crocatus re-collected in Finland plus new records of other rare polypores (Basidiomycetes)

Authors: Renvall, Pertti & Junninen, Kaisa
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 39 (1999), Issue 1, pages 33-35.
Doi: https://doi.org/10.29203/ka.1999.334
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Key words: Betula, old-growth forest, Rigidoporus crocatus, threatened fungi

Abstract:  Oligoporus folliculocystidiatus Kotl. & Vampola, . lowei (Pilát) Gilb. & Ryvarden, Piloporia sajanensis (Parmasto) Niemelä, Rigidoporus crocatus (Pat.) Ryvarden and some other rare polypores (Basidiomycetes) are reported from the old-growth forests of eastem Finland. The collection of R. crocatus is the first in this century from the country. The species was considered to be extinct until the present find from Ilomantsi.