Some additions to the knowledge of Turkish Myxomycetes

Authors: Härkönen, Marja
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 27 (1987), Issue 1, pages 1-7.
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Abstract:  In early summer 1983 Myxomycetes and bark of trees for later culture in moist chambers were collected in West Turkey. Altogether 21 species of Myxomycetes were found. The following 12 species are new to Turkey: Arcyria denudata (L.) Wettst., A. versicolor Phill., Ceratiomyxa fruticulosa (Miill.) Macbr., Collaria ruhens (A. Lister) Nann. -Brem., Echinostelium elachiston Alexop., Hemitrichia clavata (Pers.) Rost., Lamproderma arcyrioides (Sommerf.) Rost., Physarum cinereum (Batsch) Pers., Stemonitopsis typhino (Wiggers) Nann.-Brem., Trichia alpina (R. E. Fries) Meylan, T. decipiens (Pers.) Macbr., T. favoginea (Batsch) Pers.