Some aquatic Hyphomycetes on grasses in Finland

Authors: Mäkelä, Kaiho
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 13 (1973), pages 16-22.
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Abstract:  “This paper is part of a larger study of the fungi causing leaf-spot diseases on the grasses in leys in Finland. The material examined consisted of grasses growing on cultivated grassland or in the borders of fields. The fresh material (c. 3770 samples) was collected throughout the country, but chiefly from the Viikki Experiment Farm of Helsinki University, from 1966 to 1970. Conidia produced in natural infestations were examined microscopically. The fungi have not been grown in pure culture.
Conidia of the fungi were found on the growing leaves of grasses during the period between early spring (March) and late autumn (November). They occurred rather commonly but in small numbers; mostly only single spores of fungi were found. The aquatic Hyphomycetes live as saprophytic fungi on grasses, and are of negligible importance.
Four species of the aquatic Hyphomycetes were identified on 14 grass species. The most common species was Volucrispora graminea (Haskins) Ingold, McDougall & Dann. Tricellula aquatica Webster occurred rather commonly, but in small numbers. Varicosporium elodeae Kegel was found on two samples of Phleum pratense L . and Tetracladium maxilliformis (Rostrup) Ingold on one of Dactylis glomerata L.”