Some myxomycetes from Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) developed in moist chamber cultures

Authors: Ukkola, Tarja
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 38 (1998), Issue 1, pages 27-36.
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Key words: Africa, Dar es Salaam, moist chamber culture, Myxomycetes, Tanzania

Abstract:  Nineteen species of myxomycetes are reported from Dares Salaam, Oyster Bay. The following taxa are new to Tanzania: Licea kleistobolus G. W. Martin, Physarum echinosporum Lister, P. oblatum T. Macbr., and P. spumarioides T. N. Lakh. & Mukerji var. degawae Nann.-Bremek. & Y. Yamam., the latter taxon being reported from Africa for the first time. A species of Licea is described with illustrations, but not named, as the material existing is fairly scanty. A total of 27 specimens of seven genera are presented, all developed in moist chamber cultures on bark from living trees or on plant remains.