Some polypores misclassified in Piptoporus

Authors: Thorn, R. Greg
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 40 (2000), Issue 1-2, pages 181-187.
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Key words: biogeography, Polyporus, taxonomy, wood decay fungi

Abstract:  The taxonomy of six species described in or transferred into the genus Piptoporus was reassessed. Piptoporus choseniae is a Polyporus, and more closely resembles Polyporus pseudobetulinus in morphology and ecology than P. varius, to which it has previously been compared and synonymized. Piptoporus fraxineus is Polyporus admirabilis, a holarctic species recently reported from Europe. Piptoporus paradoxus is a later synonym of Piptoporus quercinus, and both were among the three original species of Piptoporus P. Karst. Piptoporus ulmi is allied to Polyporus craterellus and P. tuberaster, and is renamed Polyporus vassilievae Thorn, nom. nov. since the epithet ulmi is preoccupied in Polyporus. Piptoporus hirtus is Jahnoporus hirtus, and Piptoporus elatinus (Berk.) Teng, sensu Teng non Berkeley, is Rigidoporus lineatus. Significant range extensions and other ecological aspects of these species are discussed.