Species of myxomycetes new to Sweden with additional records of some rarely collected species

Authors: Eliasson, Uno H. & Adamonyte, Grazina
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 49 (2009), Issue 1, pages 33-39.
Doi: https://doi.org/10.29203/ka.2009.432
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Key words: Swedish myxomycetes, Macbrideola, Physarum crateriforme, Stemonitopsis

Abstract: Eleven species of myxomycetes are formally reported from Sweden for the ?rst time,namely Collaria lurida, Cribraria persoonii, Diderma cinereum, Fuligo leviderma,Lamproderma pseudomaculatum, Physarum crateriforme, Stemonitis pallida, Stemonitopsis amoena, S. gracilis, S. subcaespitosa and Symphytocarpus impexus. A possibly undescribed species of Macbrideola is discussed and illustrated. New records of several rarely collected species are cited, among them Hemitrichia abietina, H. leiotricha andPhysarum diderma. The great variation of Physarum crateriforme in moist chamber cultures is discussed.