Studies on cupulate species of Helvella

Authors: Harmaja, Harri
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 19 (1979), Issue 2, pages 33-45.
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Abstract:  The paper treats the taxonomy and distribution of two very closely related species in sect. Acetabulum Diss., Helvella costifera Nannf. s. str. and H. hyperborea Harmaja (Pezizales). H. hyperborea has generally darker pigmentation and less prominent ribs on the cup exterior and it occurs in late summer and autumn, usually in completely natural habitats, in boreal and alpine areas of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland. H. costifera mainly fruits in summer, and occurs in man-influenced sites, preferring lower latitudes and altitudes.
Descriptions are given of the most important characters distinguishing four species in sect. Leucomelaenae Diss., H. leucomelaena (Pers.) Nannf., H. confusa Harmaja, H. pedunculata Harmaja and H. oblongispora Harmaja. H. pedunculata is reported from Finland and Norway, and H. oblongispora from Sweden, Norway, the Federal Republic of Germany, and Austria.
The new species Helvella ulvinenii Harmaja (sect. Acetabulum) is described from Finnish Lapland. The first record of H. dryadophila Harmaja from Finland and two new localities for Norway are reported. Acetabula murina Zeller, described from Oregon, is found to be a younger synonym of H. solitario Karst. (H. queletii Bres.). The specific status of H. verruculosa (Sacc.) Harmaja (Peziza verruculosa Berk. & Curt.), known only from the Bering Straits (U.S.S.R.), is substantiated.