Suillus grevillei and S. clintonianus (Gomphidiaceae), two boletoid fungi associated with Larix

Authors: Korhonen, Mauri & Hyvönen, Jaakko & Ahti, Teuvo
Journal: Karstenia, Volume 33 (1993), Issue 1, pages 1-9.
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Key words: Boletes, Finland, Larix, taxonomy

Abstract: Suillus clintonianus (Peck) Kuntze, earlier regarded as a dark red-brown form of S. grevillei (Klotzsch: Fr.) Singer, is shown to possess other distinctive morphological characters as well, and to have a wide distribution in Eurasia and North America. It is here proposed as a separate species. Both S. grevillei and S. clintonianus are ectomycorrhizal fungi of Larix, and often grow together, but the total distributions are different. S. grevillei f. badius (Singer) Singer is included in S. clintonianus.